Preludes – Dannii Dean

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Creative Writing, Featured Articles, Keepsake

A prelude is the lead up to the end of a story; an epiphany, a choice made and a conclusion reached.

I made up the following ending with no story given first, and then asked my writing group to imagine the prelude that lead up to the ending. Here is my ending:

As Elsa walked away, tears filled her eyes but now she understood. It was over, for everyone, and the sun rose flooding the world with light.

You may like to write what you imagine the prelude to this would be. There is no right or wrong, let your imagination run free. Here is mine:

Elsa stood motionless as the beast transformed in the forest clearing. She had to see, to believe what the others were telling her. She didn’t want it to be true; the love she felt was so certain that evil could never be within him.

Her hand, gripping the branch of a tree to steady her, suddenly slipped with a crack.

     “Elsa… can’t be here.”

His eyes wide with fear, Radlyn reached out to push her away but instead, Elsa ran into his arms.

     “It’s true,” she whispered, “isn’t it?”

Radlyn sighed and lifted up her chin with his now soft hands.

     “Yes. I am the host; the death, the destruction, I caused it all”

     “Why? How?” Elsa searched his face for the evil but all she saw now was the man she had fallen in love with.

     “I have no control over the transformations. I remember nothing, until it stops, and I am this again.” Radlyn stepped back.

     “There must be a way; we can get the host out, surely,” Elsa pleaded.

     “No Elsa, there is only one way to stop all the evil. You have to kill the host.”

     “NO!” Elsa shook her head and tore at her hair. “NO! I can’t.”

     “You have to kill me Elsa. You hold my heart. It has to be you.”

     “And if I don’t?” She couldn’t look in Radlyn’s eyes.

     “Then this will continue, and Elsa, one day it will come for you, and I couldn’t bare that.”

Elsa focused on the forest floor, shaking. “How….I don’t know how.”

Radlyn held out his hand and Elsa saw a small vial in his palm, with a black fluid inside.

    “I needed your love to survive, but so does the host. You must swallow this and the love you feel will be gone, and I will die. You have to do it Elsa. Trust me, please, do it now before I transform again.”

Elsa looked up, looked deep into Radlyn’s eyes, her heart breaking inside her. She took the vial, but before swallowing its contents, she kissed Radlyn.

   “Find me my love, in the next life, find me” and then she tipped back her head and gulped down the black fluid.

So that’s my prelude; I hope you enjoyed it and are maybe inspired to write your own. If you would like to do more creative writing like this or explore other techniques, why not join our Friday writing group. We are a very friendly bunch and would love to welcome new people!

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