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by | Jun 30, 2021 | Community, Featured Articles, Keepsake

Who doesn’t love receiving a hand-written letter?  That pretty, decorated envelope that lands with a thud on your doormat show that someone, somewhere is thinking of you.  Contrary to what many people think, ‘nobody writes letters anymore’… thousands of people do! Emails, Twitter, Instagram are all quick and instant but a hand-written letter shows that you’ve taken the time and thought and that you care.

Who is going to search computer memories in years to come for email messages that have been deleted or disappeared into the ether?  How much nicer to have a bunch of lovely letters to settle down with on a rainy afternoon, cup of tea in hand, and a page full of lovely thoughts and cherished memories to recall.

Back in the last century (and it wasn’t all that long ago!) everybody wrote letters. During the war, people longed for the Postman to call so that they could hear news from their husbands, fathers, sons on the Front Line. Romances were kept alive by loving letters which were read over and over again, then tucked back under the pillow at night time.

Lockdown, it seems, has had a remarkable effect on letter writing. People who could not see each other began to pick up a pen again and send a few words to their friends. It’s amazing how therapeutic holding a pen is, making marks on a piece of paper that turn into cherished words to the recipient. There’s been a revival in the lost art of letter writing! 

Once upon a time, there were penpal clubs where you could obtain names of people at home and overseas who wanted someone to write to but sadly, not many stood the test of time and transition into the 21st century, but one penpal club called Rainbows is still flourishing – after 35 years! What’s more, there are even three or four of its original members still writing today! Rainbows isn’t just a club that produces lists of names …. It’s a big, worldwide family of members who connect with each other via a magazine – share stories, send birthday cards, get well cards when someone is poorly, play postal games and enter competitions. Oh, and they all write letters too! 

Why don’t you try writing a letter to someone today?  You might find you get hooked and find you can’t stop!

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