Folding For Fun – Lauren Lonergan

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Activities, Keepsake

Origami can be traced back to the 1600s and comes from the Japanese words Ori (folding) and Gami. When I first tried origami out I was a little hesitant as I never tried it before and it seemed difficult but I decided to give it a go anyway. I spent the morning folding and although I found it difficult, and didn’t have the right paper (Kami) I did manage to make something resembling a little boat! 

I kept going to find an easier design that I could manage and came across the fortune teller, something I made many times as a little girl to play with my friends. I didn’t know it was considered origami!  It turns out even paper planes, or aerogami, are considered origami. Although I might not be giving out any paper cranes as gifts anytime soon, I can understand how people find it relaxing and appreciate the beauty of creating something out of paper. Practice and patience are key, so I’m going to keep trying to perfect my folding skills.

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Resources: – Good choice of origami. There are pictures that go along with the instructions. I found it difficult to follow but that may be because I have never done origami before! – I used this after using the above link. Found it much easier as it breaks down steps. I would recommend this. – There are many videos but I chose this as it’s for beginners and I attempted to make a boat.

There are loads of fantastic free resources to use on the internet.

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