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by | Jul 30, 2021 | Community, Featured Articles, Keepsake

On Sunday 27th June, I hosted a picnic at Wymondham Rugby Club in aid of Nelson’s Journey. There was a team of five Wymondham residents organising this, including Willow from The Shoebox. You may wonder why it took a team of five people two months to organise a picnic? Let me tell you!

The picnic came about through a conversation I had when raising money for the Baking for Wellbeing project I’m running at The Shoebox. My friend Kate was raising money at the same time for Nelson’s Journey, a charity that supports bereaved children. I could see an opportunity to help Nelson’s Journey by offering baking classes to children through Nelson’s Journey. They liked this idea, and we’re planning to do some of this at some point in the next year!

They asked if I would like to host a picnic as part of their Purple Picnic Fundraising Campaign. As soon as I agreed, I had the idea to make it more than just a picnic. I felt it was important to give people an opportunity to reconnect safely as we come out of lockdown. I also wanted to show people what amazing organisations and community groups are out there to support people and to make new connections.

We invited lots of wellbeing and community groups to come along. We had cake, book and plant stalls, all raising money for Nelson’s Journey, which gave more people the opportunity to contribute, and we had lots of support from local businesses who donated amazing prizes to our tombola and silent auction!

The picnic was a great success, raising lots of money for Nelson’s Journey and achieving our aim of helping people to connect. The other important outcome I hadn’t realised was that it allowed lots of people and organisations the opportunity to give something back to their community. I hadn’t realised quite how crucial this is for people’s wellbeing, even the smallest act of giving can make a big difference to those who receive it- as well as the giver.

If you’re interested in fundraising or hosting your own Purple Picnic to support Nelson’s Journey, you can find more information and resources on their website.

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