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Nelson’s Journey supports children and young people in Norfolk who’ve experienced the death of a significant person in their life. We provide a range of resources and services and accept referrals from families and professionals for those who may need our support.

Since 1997, Nelson’s Journey has helped thousands of bereaved children and young people in the county. It is thanks to the tremendous support of our local community that our work is possible.

Nelson’s Journey’s vision is that every bereaved child in Norfolk will look forward to a positive future, empowered to reach their full potential.

 Our services include 1 to 1 support, residential weekends and activity days, positive activities and more recently our new “Smiles & Tears” app which enables children to remember their special person with happy memories and the ability to seek help and support if needed.

 Over the last 18 months, our support for the children and young people has continued despite the pandemic. We have had to adapt from face to face sessions to using online technology. We have also seen an increase in demand for our services while our main income source as a charity (our events) have not been able to go ahead. As we are not Government funded we have had to rely on the generous donations and fundraising efforts of the people and businesses of Norfolk to enable us to keep our services going to provide key support for the children and young people.

“They gave me so much confidence to be able to sit and talk about my dad without breaking down into floods of tears, without feeling like my whole world was just gonna collapse and land on me. They gave me the strength and the confidence to be able to do my life day to day, knowing that even though he’s not here that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t live my life and I shouldn’t succeed in everything I want to do. I’d just be a totally different person.”

– Megan

Every July people host ‘Purple Picnics’ to raise funds and support for Nelson’s Journey. If you’re interested in accessing support, fundraising or hosting your own Purple Picnic to support Nelson’s Journey, you can find more information and resources on their website


You can read about the fantastic fundraising event hosted by Shoebox Volunteer Mark Ahier in the ‘More Than Just a Picnic’ article in Keepsake now! Mark and the Picnic Team raised money and support for Nelson’s Journey and the wider community at this brilliant event.

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