Borrow My Doggy – Louise Farrell

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Featured Articles, Keepsake, Wellbeing

After two years without a dog in our home, we were truly missing canine company.  Unfortunately, circumstances meant we couldn’t adopt a new pet into the family and the dog-shaped hole in our lives was becoming harder to ignore.  

Then we discovered BorrowMyDoggy, a website that matches dogs in an area with trusted local people who would love to spend time with them!  It’s simple and free to set up a profile, saying a bit about yourself and what you are looking for, and listing when you are available.  You are then able to view the dogs in your area, who are looking for companionship.

Very soon after registering, we were fortunate to meet Luna, a beautiful white greyhound, just before the first lockdown.  Walking in the local parks with Luna, and watching her uncomplicated joy at running after a (badly-thrown) tennis ball, brought us so much comfort and delight during an otherwise difficult year.  She has since moved away but we will forever be grateful for being given the gift of sharing Luna during 2020.

As luck would have it, little Olive, an adorable puppy rescued from Romania, was adopted by a lovely local family earlier this year.  They were looking for someone to spend time with Olive when they weren’t able to be there, and living so nearby meant we could help out as and when.  Olive has settled in to our home and become part of the family, often visiting for an afternoon or two a week, and occasionally overnight.  I imagine it’s a little like being a grandparent – we get to do all the fun things like playing at the park or a trip out to the beach, then hand back for all the routine things like having a bath or getting her nails clipped!

We hope to offer a home to our own pup someday in the future, but in the meantime borrowing another family’s doggy has helped us to fill that dog-shaped hole.  Luna and Olive have brought us so much fun, laughter, and happiness, and all while helping their families to juggle the many demands of everyday life and taking great care of their dogs by arranging extra company and exercise.  Borrow My Doggy is a win-win-win for all concerned! Find out more here.

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