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by | Oct 15, 2021 | Activities, Featured Articles, Keepsake, Wellbeing

National Read a Book Day has just passed, so I thought I would take this opportunity to write about one of the many things I love about The Shoebox: its large community bookcase! Whenever I visit to attend groups, I like to take some time to look through the huge range of genres to see if anything takes my fancy. I recently picked up Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healy, which I really enjoyed reading.

Sitting down in the community lounge with a cup of tea and a book is a very relaxing way to spend a few hours. Research shows that reading has many benefits, including stress reduction and improved sleep so even if you aren’t usually one to devour a book it’s worth giving it a go!

You can borrow any book from the shelf you like or take one book and leave another. There is also a mystery book exchange for those of you that are up to the challenge of choosing a book without seeing the cover beforehand.

To keep everyone as safe as possible, when a book gets returned it’s placed in a book quarantine before it gets put back on the shelf, so please hand any books you are bringing back over to reception.

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