Turning A Corner – Fran Cognetti

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Keepsake, Nature and Walks

Unless the path is familiar, when we approach a corner, we may be aware of a slight feeling of apprehension. This awareness depends on how connected we are to our thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. Turning a corner can also offer feelings of excitement and wonder. As we move towards the unknown, is it possible to notice what we feel and think about what will be around the corner.

When walking around the town or city that we live in, we are accustomed to the sights and sounds of that place. There appears nothing new or surprising and more often than not our attention is sitting in our minds and occupied by our thoughts. During Lockdown many people have taken the opportunity to explore areas in nature and around the space they live in. This has proven beneficial for inspiring ideas, connecting to the natural world, and appreciating what is there. City scapes and buildings can also offer an opportunity for exploration and provide us with a source of interest and exercise.

What has all this to do with Mindfulness? I am using the city walk as a metaphor for taking on board new projects in our lives, and the unseen challenges that can arise. Some challenges may be of our own choosing, some may be out of our control. Changes to our familiar circumstances can arise without our approval and we can be tested by them. We can prepare for change by challenging ourselves. Rather than waiting for change to happen to us, we can venture forth and welcome a change with appropriate preparation and forth thought. We do this naturally.
When it’s raining, we dress in waterproofs, when it’s cold we put on extra layers, when food is getting low, we go shopping. We prepare for future events such as these all the time without thinking too much about it. So, imagine what can be achieved if we do put our mind to it, in fact if we put our whole being into something we can truly experience what is happening.

With a kind awareness of how you feel and what is present in your body as sensations and thoughts you can approach a corner, whether it is in the street, or perhaps a challenge of a different nature with your undivided attention. Allowing yourself to simply be awake to your experience as it unfolds. 

There are lots of mindfulness and techniques that can help us all. The 3 Step Breathing Practice is an accessible meditation that offers a way to be with yourself in moments of uncertainty and moments of clarity. 

We practice this meditation regularly on our Tuesday morning sessions so if you are curious, please join us, no experience is required, just come along, you are most welcome. Find out more here.

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