We’re very pleased to welcome Shannon Rivers, Martin Wilkinson, Heidi Fisher, Debbie Fisher and Dalia Courridge to our new Advisory Group for The Shoebox Enterprises CIC!

They bring with them a wealth of experience from backgrounds in charity, retail, social enterprise, hospitality and marketing, as well as strong interests in sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

The Advisory Group will meet bi-monthly and members will provide support, advice, scrutiny and challenge to the CEO and Board of Directors based on their experience, skills and knowledge, usually around strategic rather than operational matters.

Our Board will consider the input of the Advisory Group and use this to inform their decision making. 

The Advisory Group members met for the first time in May and tried their hand at our thrilling Secrets of the Tunnels underground escape game (it’s a great way to encourage team working!).

The group made some great headway but time was against them on this occasion but we’re sure they’ll crack it next time!

Read more about our new Advisory Group members.