Advisory Group

Our Advisory Group exists to support the continued growth of our organisation and to help shape our plans to increase profits from our trading activities and maximise social impact in our communities of focus.

Advisory Group members provide support, advice, scrutiny and challenge to the CEO and Board of Directors based on their experience, skills and knowledge, usually around strategic rather than operational matters.

Our Board will consider the input of the Advisory Group and use this to inform their decision making. 

Meet the advisory group

Dalia Courridge


I feel fortunate to have worked with various businesses across different industries and charitable organisations for the past 12 years. I’m thrilled to be joining the Advisory Group of The Shoebox Enterprises, where I can provide my expertise in strategic marketing and community outreach.

My main strength is in enhancing brand presence through effective planning and targeted marketing execution. It gives me immense joy to bring communities together and empower individuals to reach their full potential. My ultimate objective is to help create opportunities that bring fulfilment to people’s lives.

During my leisure time, I love to travel and read personal development literature. I am also working towards becoming a business coach in the future, as I am passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals. I am eager to bring my knowledge and skills to the Shoebox Enterprises team and contribute to their success.

Debbie Fisher

I believe in the power of communities to bring meaning and connection into our lives and work. I work in leadership development and coaching, working with international high street retail brands, banks and building societies, tech firms and start ups, as well as in national and local public and VCSE organisations.

I bring a background in strategy development and business transformation, a large element of which has been focussed on helping organisations achieve culture change, engage with their people and customers, and modernising services in health and social care.

Heidi Fisher

As a multi-award winning specialist in social enterprise and social impact, I have had the honour of receiving an MBE for Services to Innovation in Social Enterprise and to Impact Measurement in the 2020 New Year Honours. 

Throughout my career, I have worked closely with over 2,100 social enterprises, ranging from start-ups to those with over £1 billion of income. My work has involved supporting these organisations to become more sustainable, develop their trading income, and better measure, manage and communicate the impact they have.

Shannon Rivers

My focus as a local social enterprise founder is on diversity and inclusion as change management principles. With a marketing background and having grown up in various parts of the UK and the US, I have a unique perspective as someone who is a local but also a transplant. Currently, I am a strategic lead at Business in the Community, which promotes responsible business practices.

In my own consultancy work, I advised Lucy & Yak’s Advisory Panel as a critical friend, equipping them to make substantial changes in their communications, strategy, and brand.

I also worked with organisations such as SafeKids Worldwide, Good Egg Safety, and the State of Delaware.

Previously, I was part of the team at Impact Culture, where I led with a social justice lens to tackle social issues. I led programmes to upskill Black and minoritised ethnic groups and delivered sessions to over 200 people in my work with Greenpeace UK, Revolving Doors, and Porchlight.

Now, I am working with The Shoebox Enterprises to help with strategic direction, measuring impact, and creating more places for groups in our society to thrive. I am passionate about community connections and networking, and I firmly believe that community spaces are good for everyone.