Last week we announced the fantastic news that the lease on our Community Hub premises on Castle Meadow has been extended for another three years, thanks to the support of people like you.

But now we need your help again. 

The only way we can guarantee that our Community Hub and historic ‘hidden street’ can continue to be enjoyed by our community and customers long into the future is to attempt to raise a deposit to buy our building.

We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to turn this goal into a reality. Every donation could be matched on a £1 to £3 basis up to a maximum amount of £450 by the Cost of Living Resilience Fund (subject to meeting eligibility criteria), meaning if you’re able to give £10, the total value of your contribution could actually be £40.

This is an ambitious aim, particularly for a non-profit organisation like The Shoebox.

But as has already been demonstrated, anything is possible when you have a great cause to fight for and the incredible support of your community.

Best of all, we have some brilliant rewards for contributions, including never-sold-before tour experiences.

We appreciate that not all of you will be in a position to contribute financially, but there are other ways you can help us to achieve our fundraising goal. For example, sharing our campaign with your friends and family would be sincerely appreciated.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the long-term future of our Community Hub and historically invaluable medieval ‘hidden street’ could be under threat if we don’t take action now. Please consider helping us to take ownership of that future once and for all.

Donate to our Crowdfunder campaign